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Thunderclan Cats

Lightheart:  A beautiful, snow white shecat with light blue eyes. She can be very persuadable. She has also very loyal to her clan and family. Light is brilliant at keeping secrets. She often gets very excited over nothing. Longing to be accepted and loved by someone, Lightheart obtains insecurity and anxiety just awaiting the right tom to sweep her off her paws. Her only parent, Whitetail, has passed away leaving her with know one besides her cousin; Falcon. Today, Whitetail watches over her daughter, keeping her safe. Lightheart is also very kind, but a fierce warrior. Sometimes, light can be quite sassy and intimidating. Her beauty however, can be a distraction :)

Cousin: Falcon

Cousin in law: Tawny

Mate: None

Moonpaw: A shy, kit-like apprentice. Who has trouble fitting in. Moon has a black back and a white front. His eyes are a brownish/orange. He may be just the most darling apprentice around :)

Crush: Fennelpaw (Rper Wolfeh)

Bloodclan Cats

Scarlet: Not much older then an apprentice, but she is considered a warrior. Scarlet has jet black fur, but a tuft of white fur at the end of her tail. Her eyes are a "Scarlet red" She is very tough, and a swift fighter. She is very sassy. She a pink nose and ears. Scarlet is also not very friendly to "new comers"

Crush: Has taken quite a liking to Tiger (Rped by Sedgeh)

Other Cats

Falcon: A sweet, understandable tom with brown tabby fur and deep green eyes. He is a quite large cat for his age. You may feel more comfortable around him then other cats. Very protective of his home in the unmarked territory, he does anything he can to enforce the safety around his home and family. Falcon is a great father figure because of his dedication. 

Mate: Tawny. 

Kits: Maple, Cloudkit, Silverkit, Maple, Moon. 

Cousin: Lightheart 

Brother in-law: Tiger (Rping with Sedgeh)

Cloudpaw: Cloudpaw is a small tom with grayish/white fur. His eyes are a deep minty green. He has a strong resemblance to his grandmother, Whitetail. He is obsessed with being the strongest cat in the forest, he will do anything just to win a battle (Even if it means beating a game against his siblings) He is also very intelligent which allows him to be resourceful and great with medicine.

Parents: Tawny&Falcon. 

Siblings: Silverkit, Maple, Moon. 

Aunt: Lightheart

Uncle: Tiger

Maple: A brown tabby she cat with a white chest, pink ears and a brown nose. Her eyes are a deep blue/green. She is very strong hearted and strong physically. Her tail is very long and her legs are tall and lean. She is remarkable at picking up scent and hears things amazingly. Now that she has somewhat mastered her skill in hearing, Maple can now hunt as an apprentice. This gift allows her to hear for up to a mile of land. She has a telekinetic bond with another apprentice who is far away. Is this fate?

Parents: Tawny&Falcon. 

Siblings: Cloudkit, Silverkit, Moon. 

Aunt: Lightheart

Uncle: Tiger

Soul mate (Maybe :3 : Coalpaw